Jeims Lopez

Fabrication Shop Manager, Glendale

Value Delivered

Jeims is responsible for all fabrication operations, staff management, and production at our Glendale, AZ location. The Glendale shop runs two shifts, five-days a week, and Jeims’s leadership helps ensure these teams achieve successful project delivery. 

He works closely with project managers, drivers, and fabrication shop staff, as well as frequently collaborating with our engineering teams, to help ensure each order is scheduled appropriately and processed in a timely manner.

In all his work, Jeims strives to achieve the highest levels of safety, while also aiming to maximize the productivity and growth of this operating location. 


Joining our Arizona team in 2022, Jeims brought with him extensive experience working in fire protection fabrication. 

Throughout his career, Jeims has exceled at evaluating current processes to make adjustments geared towards continuous improvement and optimal efficiency. He has also developed an incredible knowledge of the latest safety standards and has helped our organization create a proactive, worry-free environment built upon a stringent safety program. 

Along with his technical expertise, Jeims also has an outstanding work ethic, excellent organizational abilities, and strong communication skills.