Dillon Braswell bio picture

Dillon Braswell

Fabrication Shop Manager - Trinity

Value Delivered

Dillon schedules work in collaboration with Progressive Pipe Fabricators’ design teams and superintendents for our Trinity, Alabama location. He coordinates approximately 80-120 employees across a three-shift platform.

Responsible for optimizing the use of our 82,000-square-foot fabrication shop, he also directs scheduled work into multiple work-locations across the shop floor.

For projects throughout the United States, Dillon organizes tracking schedules with dispatch. He strategizes twice weekly with our Fort Wayne and Kingman fabrication shops to coordinate schedules.

To help ensure consistently sufficient quantities for our high volume of fabrication services, Dillon checks inventory daily. He also schedules preventive maintenance on equipment to facilitate smooth production.

Additionally, Dillon works with our safety department on facility improvements to help ensure daily work tasks can be performed safely and produce high-quality results.


Dillon joined the company in 2020 as Assistant Fabrication Shop Manager and was promoted to Manager in 2021.

Over the course of his career, Dillon has developed a great depth of experience. His welding expertise includes gas, tungsten inert gas, and shielded metal arc. He is also highly-skilled in custom metal fabrication and machining, adept in using 3-axis end mill, 5-axis computerized numerical control mill, and computerized numerical control lathe.

Furthermore, he is well-versed in industrial maintenance, including wiring and diagnostics. He is programmable logic controller trained and is well-versed in CAD software application.

His breadth of experience includes projects in a variety of manufacturing, industrial, retail, and automotive markets, including Amazon, US Foods, Performance Food Group, Sysco Freshpoint, Kraft, Niagara Bottling, Living Spaces, Chewy, and Carvana.

The Personal Side

In his spare time, Dillon likes to build classic cars, and has won multiple car awards worldwide.