Nick Rodman bio picture

Nick Rodman

Fabrication Shop Manager - MASURY

Value Delivered

As Fabrication Shop Manager, Nick monitors shop inventory levels and creates methods for using excess material. Additionally, he monitors orders for job materials and updates responsible parties of any issues related to backorders or shipment delays. Nick is involved in the hiring process of all new staff and collaborates across teams to share, coordinate, and implement new ideas directly related to design, fabrication, and field productivity.

He helps to repair, rebuild, troubleshoot, design, and implement both old and new machines and fabrication areas to increase productivity, safety, and quality. Nick is responsible for all fabrication quality issues, and he works directly with the safety team to ensure safe work practices.


Nick has been part of the Shambaugh family since 2007 and was appointed Fort Wayne Fire Protection Fabrication Shop Manager in 2011. While in this position he increased shop production by 20 percent while decreasing overall staff size. Nick has extensive knowledge of machines and technology directedly related to the fire protection field.

He was instrumental in the launching and advancements of our Trinity, AL facility, managing approximately 100 employees across two shifts and maintaining fabrication schedules for all branch offices, superintendents, and service departments. He has managed the opening of three new fire protection fabrication facilities for Progressive Pipe Fabricators. Nick is a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Professional Development Training program.