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Nick Rodman

Fabrication Shop Manager - KINGMAN

Value Delivered

Nick is involved in the hiring process for all new staff at our Kingman, Arizona fabrication shop. He collaborates across teams to share, coordinate, and implement new ideas regarding design, fabrication, and field productivity.

As part of his responsibility for monitoring shop inventory levels, Nick creates methods for using excess material. He also monitors orders to ensure job material availability, and updates responsible personnel on any issues related to backorders or shipment delays. In collaboration with our dispatcher, Nick notifies and coordinates trucks for delivery across the United States.

Nick helps to repair, rebuild, troubleshoot, design, and implement both old and new machines and fabrication areas to increase productivity, safety, and quality. Working directly with the Safety Department, he implements safe work practices and technology to increase productivity and keep employees safe.

Additionally, Nick is responsible for all fabrication quality issues as well as conforming to ISO 9001.


Nick joined Shambaugh in 2007 and became Fire Protection Fabrication Shop Manager in our Fort Wayne location in 2011.

Nick was also instrumental in launching and developing our Trinity, Alabama fabrication shop. He managed 80-120 employees across two shifts and maintained fabrication schedules for all branch offices, Superintendents and service departments.

His breadth of experience includes projects in a variety of manufacturing, industrial, and educational markets, including Amazon, Bridgestone, Cedar Farms, US Foods, DHL, and the University of Michigan.

Because Nick offers extensive and valuable knowledge of machines and technology related to fire protection shop and field operations, he was chosen to manage the new Progressive Pipe Fabricators facility in 2020.

Nick’s professional accolades include Distinguished Service Award recipient in 2014, Dale Carnegie graduate in 2015, and Safety Coordinator appointment in 2020.